August Runfession #2 – A Running Update

I almost missed this month’s Runfessions – I think that’s the theme for this month…Running late!

Forgive me Hoka for I have sinned…

I runfess….I’m not keeping up with my training. Yes, I broke down (or got smart!) and looked up an 8-week training plan to get myself ready for the Hershey Half. It’s a pretty easy training plan, yet I’m struggling with the discipline of training.

I runfess…I’m jealous! I’m part of a wonderful group of running mamas – Moms RUN this Town (MRTT) – who are very active in their running and posting of their runs. I read about their runs and feel sad that I’m not running as much as they are, or going as far or as fast. But then I remind myself that we all have to “run our own race” and my race right now is to get myself to the start line and to finish without hurting myself.

I runfess…I’m looking forward to the 10 miler I’m running this weekend with my friend, Michele and my MRTT group. I’ll finally get to post a run! I may not be ready for this mileage jump (my longest has only been 4 miles so far), but I am needing the time to be outside and to move my body. Bonus for spending time with some cool mother runners!

This is my Runfession Reset! My running sole feels lighter already!

12 thoughts on “August Runfession #2 – A Running Update

  1. Wow…i wish you all the best Irma.
    And running really is fun and wonderful…though i never run professionally but i do around our area for the longest time and it did gave me a diffirent kind of beautiful feeling..

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  2. I struggled with the discipline of training all summer. My problem was I was “taking a break” after two spring marathons so the slip in mileage was intentional but wow that lead to a lazy rabbit hole. I hope your 8 week plan does the trick. Cooler weather should help a ton too! Thanks for runfessing!

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  3. wow glad you got that off your chest … fortunately in my two days volunteer work I walk kms and then photography group more miles again to click shots … that’s enough for me, no ambition to run 🙂

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