Broken Beacon – A Senryu

The beacon of Home

Broken by guns, money, hate

We have lost our way

This senryu was written for Patrick’s Pic and a Word #198 – Beacons.

If this mini Statue of Liberty location doesn’t look familiar to you, it may be because it is located in Paris, France, just a few minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower. We are on vacation and in light of the two shootings that happened in the USA and after reading Fandango’s spot on assessment (in my opinion) on these happenings and dealing with a bot scraping my blog…it seems that the world is lost in more ways than one….

©️ iido 2019

14 thoughts on “Broken Beacon – A Senryu

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  2. Tygpress dot com is now 404, with an apology for having scraped full site contents. So, at least there’s that small note of good news!

    And while the country on the whole may have lost its way, a good many of its people have not. I have faith they will, in time, right the ship. History will not be kind to this time, in particular to those who dragged us into the pit of darkness. It will be kinder to those who lift us out.

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    • I totally agree with you! We just need a critical mass of these people to mutiny and take over the sails.

      And YAY about Tygpress! The beauty of the good that a group of individuals can accomplish if they work together. ❤️

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  3. Paris sounds like a great holiday … enjoy your vacation!
    With that site gone many are relieved. Seeing as your red psycho seems incite hatred and killing not sure how you will survive the ongoing onslaught …

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  4. your senryu is timely and evocative of very historical moment Irma. my bestie and i were planning our get together and i suggested meeting in the USA, she’s Canadian, but she declined in fear of the current increase in shootings and such. its sad, many countries and people look up and to the USA, I pray for your country and nation, it has always been a beacon of hope and change for me.

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    • We definitely need prayers. This country has changed so much and not for the better. The elevation of violence and guns and hate as an “accepted behavior” is so worrisome and scary. I don’t blame your friend at all for decking to come to the USA. I hope you will still get to meet her in a safer locale.

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