Please Read – Your Blog May Have Been Harvested!

Fellow bloggers/writers –

It has come to my attention, via Gina’s post @alifelesslived (click the following link: Attention all! Please read), that a website called Tygpress has been harvesting posts from various bloggers and posting them without consent from the original writers/bloggers. This website is being hosted by Digital Oceans.

I found my entire blog on this website (I’ve attached this here as proof). I have filed a complaint with their web host (the link above for Digital Oceans goes right to their “report abuse” page) under the DMCA (Digital Millennium CopyRight Act) as there is no contact information on the Tygapress Website to contact someone there directly. I’ve looked up a few of the blogs that I follow and have found many of my favorite blogs on this website.

While this may be an issue for those bloggers hoping to someday publish their work (in a book, magazine, etc.), even those who aren’t thinking of publishing should be concerned. Reposting someone else’s work without their consent is stealing content. Writers work hard to create their blogs. We have the right to share our work with others however if others want to share our work, they should be getting our permission and not just attributing that work to us. Some people may have different Creative Commons Licenses on their blog however if your work is copyrighted, then this website has definitely infringed on your work (check out the link prior and this one for information on copyright infringement). These types of unethical practices should be addressed to prevent further copyright infringements.

I’ve done research on this issue and filing the DMCA complaint is fairly easy. Feel free to comment or message me for details or help.

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71 thoughts on “Please Read – Your Blog May Have Been Harvested!

  1. 🤔 Why did the creator of Typress buy a domain in the first place?

    One would think that a Top-level domain would be used with the intentions of publishing original content.

    You did the right thing by filing a DMCA complaint against the administrator of that website.

    I work arduously to create long-form content for my blog and I would hate it if someone published any of my blog posts without my consent.

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    • Hello Renard! Thank you for your comment and validation. I agree – why create a site just to copy other people’s content on there? I don’t understand their reasoning but they need to stop doing it. Did you check for your site?

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        • They credited my work as well (in very small font but it is there) but the point is that they should have asked for permission which is the basis for the DMCA. I read many articles before deciding to file my complaint since I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it but I felt that on principle, it was the right thing to do.

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    • Hello again – I just visited your site. You have great posts! Maybe this issue is something you can bring to the attention of your followers? It seems like it would be a match for content. And the more awareness we can spread about this issue, the better IMO. Thank you for consider it! – Irma

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  2. Hi Irma This is getting around WP like wild fire. I first saw my site a few days ago on Tygpress after reading The Haunted Wordsmith’s warning. A lot of people are outraged. As you say, especially those looking to publish.
    This is a problem that has to be dealt with by individuals unfortunately. WE however are involved whether we like it or not, since our work is on other people’s sites, through prompts etc. If you’ve written a response to a prompt to anyone on Word Press you have no control. I left a link to tygpress on JD’s site but it disappeared….no acknowledgement.
    Here’s a link of interest. Good Luck……

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  3. I sent a complaint to Digital Ocean and told them I was a proud Canadian and as a Canadian Company how could they let this happen. Just as I expected I got a form letter back.

    Thank you for your submission. A member of the Trust & Safety team will review the details as soon as possible. If appropriate, the information will be forwarded to the associated customer in its entirety.

    As we are an unmanaged cloud hosting provider, we do not create, administer, or have direct access to our customers’ Droplets. This means that we cannot make direct changes to any programs or websites hosted there.

    Additionally, our internal policies do not allow us to share information about the customer with third parties without a signed US court order compelling us to do so.


    Trust & Safety
    DigitalOcean Support

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