Love Works – A Senryu

Two rough reddened hands

Wash plates, clothes, floors and faces

Work softened by love

The senryu is for Patrick’s Pic and A Word Challenge #195 – Work. And yes, those dishes are a real example of the work I do as a stay at home mom (don’t ask about the chunky, frothy bits – I don’t know what they are either).

Patrick’s words about the “beauty of the moment taking work out of the job” really resonated with me. Being a stay at home mom, I’ve sometimes have to work really hard to find these moments!

I know I have many poems here about mothering – some funny and some serious but all coming from a place of love. The work involved with being a parent really needs that love – not love as reimbursement from our children and partners, but love as a no strings attached gift to our children and partners. I think about that when I am on my 5th basket of laundry (we are a family of 6!) or loading the dishwasher for the third time in a day. I don’t love the chores/work but I love the people. And there are days when they show their love for me by pairing the socks.

©️ iido 2019

19 thoughts on “Love Works – A Senryu

  1. ah such deep and unconditional motherly love, the best of them all! And love that touch if they pair the socks … do hope you give them regular chores, best way to learn and contribute πŸ™‚

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  3. such a beautiful senryu, describing a very human activity. doing things with love makes it lighter and it blesses those who receive the work of our hands. thank you for reminding me to smile on the inside as i do my chores for those i love.

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  4. I am a stay at home mom for long time now too and yes like you we are a family of 6..and my oh my its always a crazy house…crazy in a good way..i love what you said that you don’t like the chores but you love the people…i totally agree…my who never gets tired of washing the dishes, cooking, cleaning the house..(my list could go on)..but i love it when my i see my family feels the “home” in us because i takes care of them..

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