A Spice of Life – A Poem

White Bread
This life
I dread
This thread
What if

What next?
Get mine

In bed
In red
My legs
Wide spread
Give head

Wake up!
Real time
My life
Is fine
Love it?
With wine!

This poem was prompted by Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #193 – Spicy. This cheeky poem popped into my head as I cuddled my sick 4 year old this week.

Having a sick child is probably one of the things I hate most about being a parent. Not only do I feel helpless that I can’t make the fever/pain/nausea/etc go away, but besides giving meds and cuddles, there is often times little else that I can do to make my child better. Plus, sick kids are usually whiny and needy – this is one of the worst combinations for me. As much as I try to be soothing and compassionate, I really don’t like clingy kids who are prone to vomiting.

But, I do cuddle and bring water and take temperatures and let them eat in front of the tv when they are sick. I clean up their mess and wipe their snot with tissues or my shirt. I have my masters degree and snot, sweat and spit up all over my clothes.

That’s why I had to laugh when I saw the statue pictured above at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC this weekend. The artist was probably not a mother. This statue is living a “spicy” life – carefree, happy, unencumbered by worries such as sick kids or what are we having for dinner. She isn’t even wearing Spanx!

So while I will probably never frolick in a meadow holding my child with one arm while we gaze at a bunch of grapes (or maybe those are flowers?), my kids do keep me on my toes and keep my life from getting boring (although definitely not in the way it says in my poem. I have my honey for that! 😉).

©️ iido 2019

9 thoughts on “A Spice of Life – A Poem

  1. it is a cheeky little poem … I feel both your frustration and your love! Motherhood is such a challenge but we all get sick from time to time … I’ve sure the kids adore you, and obviously your husband does 🙂

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