Mask of Metamorphosis – A Villanelle

Hiding in the spaces between
A wiggle, a flutter
A mask of filigree green

The dainty crunch of the munching machine
Slow moving like butter
Hiding in the spaces between

Bird eyes eagerly try to catch its sheen
It pauses, a stutter
A mask of filigree green

And then it wraps a blanket clean
In a special place to anchor
Hiding in the spaces between

This act of will that can only mean
The start of that process to alter
That mask of filigree green

When done, it emerges to preen
Finally, no longer
Hiding in the spaces between
Unmasked, that filigree green

This Villanelle incorporates Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #188 – Mask and Hélène’s “What do you see?” Picture prompt (see above – a caterpillar and the puzzle pieces of the leave reformed into a butterfly). I just realized that while Patrick and Hélène both provide photos, it is Patrick’s word and Hélène’s picture that makes sense to me to combine the past few weeks. Interesting (I say as I psychoanalyze myself)…

I’ve always loved the idea of metamorphosis, change, becoming something different but the actually process of changing has always been difficult for me, especially those changes that are lasting. I used to think that change just meant removing one mask and putting on a new one while what is underneath stays the same. But now I’m beginning to think that there also needs to be change under the mask. Not a change of the integral parts of the self, but a reforming of those parts into something different and hopefully better.

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26 thoughts on “Mask of Metamorphosis – A Villanelle

  1. Spectacular Villanelle, Irma. Removing the mask and not replacing with another one, what courage it takes. Unmasked…free to fly.

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  2. Butterflies and metamorphosis are also favourite themes of mine. I love the many angles you explore it in the poem here. ❤

    Masks… they're another favourite theme. I love that the mask here is not an artifice, not something which itself needs to change. The mask of the caterpillar suits the caterpillar. But there comes a time to don a new mask if one wants to become a butterfly.

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      • <smile> Thanks! I think they are, especially for me. 😉 Like now…

        Masks can be useful for many things: play, setting boundaries, protecting ourselves from unwanted attention, protecting others (and, therefore, ourselves) from our emotions while we’re still sorting them out. We don masks of authority when we need control, and masks of vulnerability when we need intimacy.

        Sometimes we use masks in attempts to appear as someone we’re not, but most of the time the masks we wear are aspects of ourselves, aspects we need to more explicitly express or manifest in our being. Sometimes we do it consciously, but most of the time, I think, we never realize. But it’s best, I think, if we learn to be more conscious of it.


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