Troll – A Quadrille

In the deep, he lives
Waiting for the cue to waken
Up he creeps, with
Gentle footsteps of the mind
Escaping out of my mouth
With hurt, anger and a bit of glee
Damning you as wrong and
Me as the troll he is.

This Quadrille was written for last week’s dVerse Quadrille prompt – Troll and for the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt to incorporate the phrase “Footsteps of the mind” into a poem. I missed the deadlines to include these poems but I wanted to post it anyway.

The picture is of a book I found at Barnes and Noble. No, the “troll” is not a fart! It’s something worse, something that ruins days and can make a person question their self-worth, their place in life. Sometimes this troll can even endanger a person’s life. What is the name of this troll?

PS – If you have this troll (I know some of you might keep it in Facebook or Twitter), you can make apology cards for the occasions it comes out and sell it at Barnes and Noble for $14.99.

©️ iido 2019

The Need for Stars and Moonbeams – A Villanelle

Open your eyes to the need for dreams
Oxygen can only fill you ’till death
A shooting star can surpass moonbeams

Sustenance is more than what it seems
Bread will only increase your breadth
Open your eyes to the need for dreams

Like water rushing from the streams
Joining with the ocean’s wealth
A shooting star can surpass moonbeams

The body’s needs can be redeemed
Any oasis can restore health
Open your eyes to the need for dreams

Your heart’s words, a primal scream
The need for more, rising from the depth
A shooting star can surpass moonbeams

Can you live with broken schemes?
A life lived without true breath?
Open your eyes to the need for dreams
A shooting star can surpass moonbeams

This is my first attempt at a villanelle courtesy of SarahSouthWest at d’Verse Poets who provided a very thorough explanation of the form. The subject matter was inspired by Jamie’s Wednesday Writing Prompt to write a poem about one or more of the “four necessities of life,” namely, “bread, water, oxygen and dreams.”

In my villanelle, I have ranked “dreams” as the number one necessity needed to survive life. Food, water, oxygen are all needed to sustain life, but to survive the hardships of life, to thrive in this sometimes unforgiving environment, we need our dreams, our hopes. To me, it is the difference between living and Being Alive.

*** If you are reading this through Mr Linky at dVerse (or even if you’re not), please feel free to leave a critique or comment so I can improve this poem. Many thanks in advance!

©️ iido 2019