Disconnected – A Haiku

I haven’t read yours

Disconnected from WordPress

I hate crashing apps

This haiku was written for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #184 – Disconnect.

I want to thank all of you who are reading my blog and to also apologize for not reading, commenting on yours for the past weeks. WordPress has been crashing on me – either through the app or the internet. This frustration coupled with other family going ons has made me a bit of a hermit.

I’m ready to emerge from my self imposed exile and re-connect, re-engage with all of you! I have missed reading about your lives and your thoughts.

WordPress people – if you read this – please fix the bugs! A writer can only take so much crashing and freezing before thinking you’re trying to tell her something!

Update – After I originally posted this, I saw on my notifications that today is my 3 year bloggiversary! Irony – it does exist!

©️ iido 2019

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