Soul Fertilizer – A Haibun and Running Update

The packed, gravel path crunches like my favorite candy bar beneath my feet.  The smell is not delicious chocolate but cow patties, liquified and repurposed. The steam from this concoction rises from the turned earth like the steam from my body on this 6 mile run. The smells are similar but mine reeks of determination and accomplishment. Each run is risky – maybe if I was more consistent, I would know what to expect, I would know that I wouldn’t fail, that I would keep going and not give up.  But I don’t, except for today – today, my run wasn’t shit, but it did fertilize my soul.

Risk in every step

But I’m not going gently

In that fading light

This haibun was written for Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #183 – Risk and also incorporates Beth’s Tuesday Writing Prompt at the Go Dog Go Cafe to use the phrase “fading light”.

I haven’t done an update on my training for the Niagara Falls International Women’s Half Marathon that I am training for – maybe it’s because I really haven’t been consistent with my training at all. With sick kids and spring break and other obligations, running has definitely taken a back seat except for this past weekend when I was able to get a run in with a local friend of mine who is also part of Moms RUN this Town.

Danielle was one of the first running moms I met when we moved to PA. She recently had an adorable baby boy and is training for the same half marathon in Niagara as I am (she was the one who actually told me about this race). Danielle is one of the most kind, energetic and determined women that I have met here.  Being a local, she taught me so much about this area (like how to pronounce certain words, introducing me to the local farmers’ market) when I first arrived.  Running with Danielle is always fun and this run was no exception. We were even able to see the Easter Bunny at the end of our run!

After this spring break week, I am getting back into a regular schedule with running so be ready for more sweaty pictures of me!

©️ iido 2019

30 thoughts on “Soul Fertilizer – A Haibun and Running Update

  1. How wonderful, your stamina and determination alive and strong. I love the haiku that is a reflection of the cow patties on the running path.

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  2. Ack I keep forgetting you are training for a half. You need to get me back out there too. Besides my run on Tuesday, I haven’t done much 😦 . Hoping next weeks gets me back on track.

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  3. My two girls did a fun run last week for a charity…my youngest finished the 10k …we were so proud of her..we never thought she’d finish it..this coming weekend my husband ang my other daughter is running too for anothe charity fun do road run but not like them..not even like i admire you for that Irma..

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    • Thank you! Although I am not the best runner but it’s the one sport I can do that doesn’t require hand/eye coordination (even then I have been known to trip on my runs!). Are you signed up for any races?

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      • My girls and my husband have always been a fan of charity runs and they have been on the other hand has to stay and wait for them…they are too tired to drive i have to be the one to

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        • Oh yes – I have a similar relationship with my husband. He waits at strategic places to give me refills of gu or to take my long sleeve shirt or just to hold up a sign. Then he drives home while I crash. The support team is the most important part of running!!

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