A List of People Whose Hand I Want to Hold – A Sei Shonagon Style List Poem

A sign of caring

Our palm sweat sharing

Not just the space

But the challenges we face

As people with varying melanin

Who offer all that we have within

We seek fairness and balance

To even the score without askance

Who smile with delight at another’s gain

And delicately hold them when they’re in pain

Who will defend with a voice so clear

And sit quietly with an open ear

Who sees with hearts and not just eyes

Who knows the child as being most wise

Our hands clasped, approved by Mother

Who sees how much we love one another.

This Sei Shonagon style of List Poem was introduced to me by Punam at Paeansunpluggedblog with her fabulous poem, “People who get me hot under the collar” . The beautiful picture is from Hélène’s “What do you see?” Picture prompt.

The picture reminded of my recent trip to Santa Fe, NM – something about the vast open spaces and the flat topped mesas, the roads that seem to go on forever, the friendliness of the people – it all reminded me of how much goodness there is in the world. This poem reflects that – at least what I see as the goodness in people whose hands I want to hold.

©️ iido 2019

24 thoughts on “A List of People Whose Hand I Want to Hold – A Sei Shonagon Style List Poem

  1. This is so, so beautiful, heartwarming and resonates so deeply. Marvellous job, Irma. I am humbled to be mentioned in context of this lovely embodiment of human spirit. Thank you so much. 🤗❤️❤️
    So apt for Hélène’s prompt!

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  2. Beautifully written Irma, your words are like a prayer, praising the good of all that there is. Something we all need to see and acknowledge that there is good in the world.

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  4. I think my comment is wallowing in your spam folder.😉 Never mind!! This is so beautiful that I would love to comment again. 😊
    First of all thank you for mentioning my poem. I am truly honoured. This is such an affirmative, positive and beautiful poem which embodies the true human spirit. Love this, Irma. ❤️

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  5. holding hands is even more personal than kissing don’t you think? i love how you assembled the words here Irma. blending sensitivity and humanity, I would want to hold your hand and the hand of those you want to be in this circle of love. Punam is a very inspiring writer, her words always evoke positive vibes.

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