Drop Growing Cascading – A Cascade Poem

Drip drop trickling
Moving growing powering
Eroding cascading changing

Your idea to smile at that hateful man
Caused me to buy my nemesis a coffee
Drip drop trickling

She, in turn, forgave her sister, the lawyer who caused, then settled her divorce
This lawyer sister pro bono defended the women marching raising the alarm
Moving growing powering

These women gave voice to injustice and hope
A million gallons of smiles rushing forward
Eroding cascading changing

This is Bridalveil Falls in Yosemite National Park, one of my favorite pictures from the start of our cross country trip three years ago, seemed like a fitting picture in response to the theme of “cascade” posted by Amaya at d’Verse Poetics last week. I chose a non-watery cascade for the focus of my poem though. This one was inspired by Devereaux’s prompt at the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt for last week: How can we best avenge the fallen?

I am not sure what meaning Devereaux had in mind when he posed his question – Deceased police officers/fire fighters/military? The “damned”? Angels who have given up their halos to become human? In my writing, I was thinking about people who had “fallen by the wayside” in our lives – either from lack of contact or from a conflict. Repairing these broken relationships (private and public) requires a cascade of loving voices saying, “Rise up and join our love fest!!” Or something along those lines….

©️ iido 2019

10 thoughts on “Drop Growing Cascading – A Cascade Poem

  1. i love the kindness in your poem Irma, to the people who have fallen by the wayside, sometimes the universe speaks so loudly, i have been reading poems that echo this sentiment, yours of beautiful it gives the reason, a hope and a purpose.

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