Walk the Walk – A Cascade Poem

To walk in His footsteps
Proclaim your sins
Accept the consequence

Enthusiastically you said yes
Answering the call
To walk in His footsteps

But you succumbed to weakness
Predatory not protecting
Proclaim your sins

Walk now towards the Great Hall
Carrying the cross of your own making
Accept the consequences

This cascade poem was inspired by the picture above courtesy of Hélène at Willow Poetry for her “What do you see?” picture prompt challenge. This lovely gothic image reminded me of penitence, one of the themes for this season of Lent. (For my non-Catholic readers, here is a link with some information about Lent from the Catholic perspective.)

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’re probably aware of the large number of Catholic priests who have committed abuse and the other priests and bishops who covered up for them. As a Catholic, I have been shocked, disgusted, angry and saddened by all these revelations. An apology needs to entail not just the word “Sorry” but also the words “What can I do to make amends?” and the action of making those amends a reality. The actions to amend are slow in coming, but it’s necessary in order to repair the relationship between the Catholic Church and its people.

As for me, I take comfort in knowing that God’s judgement and wrath is all knowing and all encompassing.

©️ iido 2019

10 thoughts on “Walk the Walk – A Cascade Poem

  1. A beautiful cascade poem, Irma. You have touched on a subject that is very dear to many of us. It is time that change and acknowledgement be put right on the table. I read that Pope Francis has spoken just yesterday about this issue and introduced some major changes making it illegal to withhold information.

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