Lamenting Joy – A Poem

Don’t you dare turn those unicorn eyes toward me
And keep your sparkly sparkles to yourself
That field was truly not meant for running or singing or dancing or jumping for joy.

Just stop with the rainbows and the technicolor sunsets
No need for close ups of baby chubby thighs
Or even your thighs sunning on white sand beaches.

Enough of the Sunday mornings watching your lover breathe
And definitely no more spontaneous water fights with the kids
Even those first moments that bring tears of joy are not the moments for me

No, not for me, wondering, how you can enjoy when
…..Children are kept in cages, sold to the highest bidder
…..Women are forced into dangerous back alleys, not owning their bodies
…..Veterans sleep on cardboard boxes, crazy instead of courageous
…..People still being judged by the back of their hand or the hand they’re holding

Unicorns and rainbows, white sand beaches and Sunday mornings
…..If you’re privileged to know Joy, don’t give her my number.

(Photo credit: Mine taken from the St James Social Justice Network póster created by Jeannette L.)

Jamie Dedes at The Poet by Day probably thought issuing a challenge to write about Joy would be an easy one to fulfill. She asks: Are we frail humans able to embrace the light, forgo the mundane for the miraculous? Maybe? Maybe not? Maybe sometimes?  Maybe we try and fail. Tell us about it in your own poem/s.

I started several poems about experiences, people, even things that bring me joy but I couldn’t finish them. The poems weren’t bringing me joy! And then I realized that I was actually not in a joyful mood thinking of the state of our current world. I failed to write about joy. I could not embrace the light. I could not forgo the mundane. The frailty of my human condition is on full display this week. Enjoy!

©️ iido 2019

33 thoughts on “Lamenting Joy – A Poem

  1. Showing the beauty that you are Irma. What would you accomplish by writing something that you don’t feel within your heart. More pressing emotions needing to be expressed, these are the jewels of your spirit, your compassion for those less fortunate, for the pain they must endurance. You can hold them in your love, this is your joy.
    Thank you for a beautiful poem, it really touched me.

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  2. Your compassionate words reverberate through my heart, thoughts of those going hungry tear holes in my soul, we are like protective umbrellas of thin bamboo sticks, with no banana leaves for cover, we serve no purpose at all, until we use our bodies as shields and help the people in need……. are my words of protest ever enough…………..

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  3. Reblogged this on Ivor.Plumber/Poet and commented:
    I’ve read this compassionate poem several times already, “I Do Run’s” words have touched me deeply. Please read, if you are so inclined,….. There is no instant solution, but together with trillions of humane hearts there shall always be hope……..

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  5. Oh, this poem so beautifully and cleverly expresses such a fundamental problem of our world. Sometimes it feels like privileged heads somehow spend a lot of time in the sand, so that the real, terrifying, soul destroying realities of the world can be ignored or kept at an impersonal difference. Sometimes I wonder how I can stomach myself as a person who gets into my soft bed each night after a decent meal. I completely get the sentiment of leaving the unicorns and rainbows at home. The inequalities in the world are unreal and sickening. Fantastic post, epic, confronting. Thank you for posting it ❤️❤️❤️

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    • Thank you so much for this validation. I agree – those over-privileged are able to ignore and those of us in the middle are stuck between being grateful and being horrified.


  6. I agree there are so many awful things happening all around the world us and all around us every day, it breaks my heart and upsets me at times. I know simple acts of kindness and bringing someone else joy is not enough to reach every soul that’s hurting. However, I know it still makes a difference in the actions I take, the choices, I make, and the words I voice, which may not reach the masses, but if it reaches one person’s soul and made a difference…if even for a moment then I’ve done something to contribute to the good that does also exist in the world and that makes me grateful and brings more joy to appreciate all the things and people that I have. ❤️ Hugs❤️

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  7. Heartfelt, soul-touching, tear-bringing, powerful! Thank you so much for writing this important poem/post.
    I know how you feel…I feel the same. The world is harsh. 😦
    And it seems those in positions of power aren’t listening…they seemed to be focused on trivial things. 😦
    And people who need life-changing help the most are ignored. 😦
    BUT, I do try to be grateful for the small joys in life…joys I find every day. And I do a lot of volunteer work and give to charitable causes, etc…trying to use my voice, words, effort, money, and love to try to make a positive difference in the world…but especially in my little corner of the world.

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    • Thank you for your comment. I am glad it resonated with you. I do the same – volunteer, be more politically active, donate to those I think can help – it doesn’t seem enough. But I’m glad to hear others are doing the same. We need that critical mass to turn the tide and add to our voices and actions! But until then, the small ways we can make change are a good focus. Hugs and strength to you!

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