Preflight Checklist – A Poem

I am poised
At the edge of beginning
Unable to unclasp my hands
From behind the back of mundane
To grasp the infinitesimal potential before me.

I am afraid
Of the miracle that might happen
If I topple over the edge of the wall
Will I fall and shatter?
Will I be caught by others who know that I matter?

I am trusting
In the stars that spell my name
That my purpose will be revealed
Like wings unfurled catching the breath
Of the true spirit

I am accepting
Of the cuts upon my skin
The bruises of learning
Stamped with the names of experience
Rubbed with an ointment of love

I am ready
To fly

This poem was inspired by Hélène’s “What do you see?” Picture prompt and also incorporates Devereaux’s Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt to write a poem about flying.

Taking that first step has always been difficult for me, especially if it’s in a direction that is different and/or difficult. I know some people love a challenge, love to embark on adventures and they do it without excessive worrying or fearful procrastination. I am like the figure in the picture: seeing the beauty and potential but afraid of grasping the wall, swinging my leg over and dropping onto the other side.

I’m learning that to truly fly in this world, I can’t overthink, I just have to do it (as the slogan goes). Think it – Say it – Do it – Be it – then Take Off!

©️ iido 2019

23 thoughts on “Preflight Checklist – A Poem

  1. A clever poem Irma. Such wisdom you have. I enjoyed reading the information you write at the end of the poem. That first step in a new direction brings me the same dilemma. Once I have done it though I wonder why I was so afraid to take the leap.

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  2. i love your interpretation of the photo, using it to mirror your own fears and dreams. i think many will relate to this, even those who love a challenge aren’t always brave at the onset, and those who are not brave will challenge themselves at one point or the other in life, inspired by others, and I think this is a most inspiring piece Irma. it is humble, sincere and visionary.

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