Parenting Haze – A Poem

The first 24 hours, a dream
Of downy softness anchoring
The haze from the drip, drip
Am I ready?

The first 3 months, a gauntlet
Of liquids leaking, not sleeping
A form of hazing
Will I survive?

The first year, a tornado
Of becoming a talker, walker
Hazardous trial and error
Am I doing it right?

The next 21 years, a crystal ball
Wanted to predict and protect
Hazy edges turn sharp
Cutting off my questions

The hazmat of parenting
When can I stop worrying?

This poem was written for Patrick’s Pic and A Word Challenge #179 – Haze. I am on a streak completing Patrick’s beautiful word and photo prompts. Last week was a “rush” post but I didn’t want to miss his prompt!

This week, I had a bit of fun with his word “haze”, repeating the “haz” in different forms in this poem. Gina at dVerse talked about a “hum” in our lives (check out Gina’s poem beautifully illustrating this) however my life right now (and for quite sometime) can be more described as having a “haze” not a hum. Maybe it the lack of sleep or the rush of our daily schedule, but this haze, this film, covers my view of the world. Sometimes it obscures parts I can’t or don’t want to see. Sometimes it colors conversations (like a sepia filter) and changes the meaning of those connections. Sometimes it is as thick as a pea soup fog that I must pull myself through. Sometimes it is words, phrases and ideas that overcome my mind until they can be captured in lines of verse. I don’t know if I’m friends with this haze but I’m thankful for its inspiration for this poem.

©️ iido 2019

33 thoughts on “Parenting Haze – A Poem

  1. Once again Irma, it seems you have peeped in my life and my heart! We never stop worrying. But I would say yes to motherhood again in a heartbeat! Love how you use the prompts so creatively and your note that follows. ❤️

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  3. excellent my friend! you caught the drone perfectly, it does not to be inspiring or loud or even clear, but it is there, that is how i see it too and feel that constant pull to words and phrases and ideas, swim in your thick soup, float when it is light and clear but stay true to the hum. As mothers the hum will always include our children, but there is a person underneath all that mothering, when you use all her talents, your children benefit greatly. kids want to be proud of us and i think yours have a good start! you are an amazing mother and writer, i am so proud of you my friend!

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    • Congratulations!! You made it! Oh, that first year…not that it gets easier, the challenges just change and some you are better equipped to handle than others. Good luck in year 2! Thank you for stopping by!

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