Where Your Soul Goes – A Poem

It’s where your soul goes
A concrete box upriver
The jailer is a spring day
Filled with dark skies and raindrops

It’s where your soul goes
A driftwood raft in the ocean
It’s occupant a summer afternoon
Passively waiting for rescue, relief

It’s where your soul goes
An oak barrel in the Falls
Filled with a foolish, frantic autumn dawn
Accepting anger wanting to rush headfirst and SMASH

It’s where your soul goes
A white house downriver
The owner is a winter night
Winds whipping, lashing, tearing

It’s where your soul goes
When the silver scalpel rips open your body
And takes the life filled with hopeful anticipation.

This poem was written for Devereaux’s Tuesday Writing prompt challenge at the Go Dog Go Cafe to use the phrase “Where the soul goes” in a poem. I was also able to incorporate Patrick’s Pic and a Word Weekly Challenge #177 – Upriver as well as Hélène’s beautiful “What do you see?” Picture prompt. The key to this poem was literally the key in Hélène’s photo! I’ve also included some links in the poem about the phrases I used in case you aren’t familiar with “up (the) river, over the Falls or down (the) river.”

Monday, March 4 was the birthday of my twins, Lucas and Larissa, who would have been 13 years old if they had lived. It doesn’t get easier. This poem is dedicated to them.

©️ iido 2019

32 thoughts on “Where Your Soul Goes – A Poem

  1. I’m a bit of a softy, so my soul is a piece of driftwood getting rescued…
    “It’s where your soul goes
    A driftwood raft in the ocean
    It’s occupant a summer afternoon
    Passively waiting for rescue, relief”

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  2. It is not often that a post moves me so much I feel tears on my cheeks. I cant pretend to understand every line in this poem, or the multitude of heartbreaks you must feel, but the total effect of this writing… I felt a taste of the pain. The last verse… I am sending you hugs across the ocean to wherever you are. ❤️❤️💛💛

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  3. sad soulful words for lives gone too soon, but ones that still have meaning as long as you speak their names. each stanza tells me the accumulating frustrations of watching the seasons pass and time cruelly counting on as if nothing matters, that our heart’s content is so heavy yet we are strong and carry it against whatever conspires to tear it apart. your use of metaphors is brilliant, i kept thinking of salmon swimming upstream and falling down Niagara Falls as close to peril as I possibly can to take this hurt away. my arms want to hold your heart, so proud of your writing strength. i love their names!

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