Ode to the Taji100 – A Quadrille and Running Update

Dawn’s light blush appears

As I sip this bitter brew

Trying to feel connected

To the desert and to you

Soft heat on my tongue

Lacks sandy grit and dirt

My eyes closed in prayer

As yours stay alert

My peace

For your hurt

This Quadrille includes prompts from Mish at dVerse, Quadrille #74 – Sip and from Beth Amanda at the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt – Light.

Another serendipitous meeting of prompts that helped me to express my thoughts about completing the Taji100. “Complete” might be too strong of a word since I am no where near the 100 miles I was supposed to run for this challenge during February. Between snow days and hubby traveling, finding the time to run was more difficult that usual. Coupled with freezing weather, I just couldn’t bring myself to run with the stroller either – Mommy guilt: it’s ok if I’m running in the freezing cold but I don’t want to put my child through that.

Still, I think about all the men and women in the military who suffer in heat and cold and other uncomfortable (to put it mildly) situations all over the world. I know my difficulties are nothing compared to the trials of being active military.

I asked one of my friends who was in the Army how he can run so fast. His answer was, “You learn to run fast when someone is shooting at you.”

My personal goal now is to run 50 miles before February 28. Yes, I know that’s tomorrow…I’m going out for a 10-15 mile run right after I post this. It’s 25 degrees out but at least there aren’t snipers in my neighborhood.

©️ iido 2019

28 thoughts on “Ode to the Taji100 – A Quadrille and Running Update

    • I’m hoping to reach 50 miles with you tomorrow! If I can get at least 10 today (I can even walk it since all the kids are in school and my meeting got cancelled), then I can do a mile before we meet and run the last 4 with you. 😁 that’s my plan at least!


  1. you the cold and me the heat, both to to condition and toughen us up, I have been slacking recently, all work and no play, feeling dull. and wanting the snow and the cold, i really miss it. you wrote a good piece here, to remember the trials our armed forces go through, not just in battle times but daily, in service to country, for them there is no real day of rest, always being prepared. All the best my friend to achieve that running goal, I know you have the tenacity.

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