Explicit Emotion – A Haiku

Their eyes conveying

The explicit emotion

Rising in their pants

Another “two for one”! Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda at the Go Dog Go Cafe challenged us to use the phrase “explicit emotion” in a poem. When I saw Hélène’s “What Do You See!” Picture prompt – I knew the two were meant to be together!

We recently saw an exhibit on mythical creatures and one of those creatures was the mermaid. I learned about Mami Wata, a water goddess with origins in pre-colonized Africa that brings good fortune.

There was also the Feejee Mermaid, a hoax perpetuated by PT Barnum.

The allure of women with fish tails is a long standing myth. What is it about mermaids that inspires songs and stories? Especially since most of the stories (at least the non-Disney ones) are about mermaids luring sailors to a watery death. Is beauty and “explicit emotion” enough to disregard danger?

©️ iido 2019

28 thoughts on “Explicit Emotion – A Haiku

  1. if you are visually inspired then the answer to your last sentence is a yes! your haiku just made me giggle, the last line was so unexpected! i do think its the myth and fantasy that ignites the passion and longing, once you live with them on a daily basis the fantasy pales. real people don’t chase fantasies, real people look for authenticity. i like how you combined the prompts, the explicit emotion was really mirrored in their eyes for what they saw! still it was two worlds never having a chance to meet. ok i said too much but you have given me too much to think about!

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  2. ” Is beauty and “explicit emotion” enough to disregard danger?”…this is a very interesting question…well it can be both ways…yes and no. Depending on the values and priorities of the individual involve.
    There is something i noticed about your haiku though…it made me.smile..lol.
    Maybe its just me ..

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  3. Ingenious haiku, Irma. We are all attracted to beauty. In sexual attraction it can often end up being a trap. Sex is a strong magnet, putting caution and danger aside. Human nature need expression though letting it rule uncensored can cause hardship.

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  4. Oh for the pun of it…. a most excellent haiku for both prompts.

    I have watched shows that try to uncover where Atlantis may have been. Many believe those from Atlantis to be merfolk… but if Atlantis was an Island above ground first… and then sunk – that may not be the case. There will always be seekers trying to unravel myth with perhaps just a tiny grain of truth?

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    • Thank you Jules! I too am fascinated by myths and legends and how they are interwoven into our modern day consciousness. The idea that Atlantis was the island of Santorini is one of the explanations that probably has that grain of truth.

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  5. Oh yes many dark tales behind the legends and myths surrounding the stories of mermaids. I have read so many cultural takes and histories on mermaids, quite interesting. Grab I prefer to create stories of beautiful enchanting tales about mermaids.😉❤️

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