Chive on – A Limerick

There once was woman, aged forty five

Who felt her life was somewhat contrived

Despite her face being full of lines

She still wrote some pretty good rhymes

So she just stayed calm and continued to chive.

This limerick was written in response to Jamie’s Wednesday Writing Prompt to write about thoughts on aging. If you haven’t heard the phrase, “Keep calm and Chive on,” there is a link in the limerick explaining this saying. The last line was originally going to say “So she said “F#%& that” and continued to thrive” but I thought the modern reference was a “cooler” ending.

I’m turning a significant age this year (five years until half a century!), and like Jamie, I too feel quite comfortable at this age. Maybe it’s because despite my advanced age (thank you for that phrase, medical community!), I actually don’t feel “old”. I feel more secure in myself, more confident, more daring – all characteristics that are related to gaining experience and self knowledge, which can only come with age.

So this fun poem reflects the fun that I’m having now – being a mom, a runner, a partner, a friend, a writer – despite of or probably, because of, my advanced age!

©️ iido 2019

39 thoughts on “Chive on – A Limerick

  1. love that gorgeous smile and hint of sweet dimple, your face says let’s go on an adventure! love the limerick, it is good to know you love your lines and age, you carry them well. don’t stop being you it is wonderful and contagiously inspiring and full of life despite all you have been through, your light really shines, more of this please!!

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  2. I like your reference about age is gaining experience, and becoming more confident and comfortable at where you are with life. I’ve good news for you !! That world feeling gets betterer with age, and continues to help you on your journey through life as you learn to cope with all the different situations that life happens to deal your way. 😉😊♥️

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  3. I think it is true as we grow older we should feel more confident in our own skin!😊 ❤️ Age is something we should take pride in and not allow society to make us feel outdated and of no use, after all as we learn and grow we have more and more to offer the world,😘😁

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