Dewey’s Balloon – A Rubaiyat

For them the day could never end too soon

To find a way to escape from the gloom

And hide away to their favorite place

So they jumped inside their big air balloon

And only bringing their most precious things

The Books filled with Words that made their heart sing

A basket of treats, a hot pot of tea

Mind, body and soul, this nourishment brings

Up, up and away, these two friends depart

‘Til landing upon their tree’s secret heart

A sweet libr’y home where they could be free

To read, dream, write – poetic counterparts.

I missed the deadline for Hélène’s “What Do You See Challenge” last week that featured the lovely picture above. I forgot it was due Monday so this poem remained marinating in my brain slowly turning into the rubaiyat form for Frank’s challenge at dVerse. (Feedback on this one would be appreciated as well!)

But this rubaiyat would not have fully come into being without a conversation I had with another lovely poet about our mutual history of library hiding. My deepest gratitude goes out to Gina who has been an inspiration and support in my writing and life journey. Thank you, dear friend! We shall run and find a library to hide in soon!

©️ iido 2019

38 thoughts on “Dewey’s Balloon – A Rubaiyat

  1. oh my- i can;t tell you how my heart sings with joy reading this, you have captured my dream and made it a reality, every l=word in every line is like you were reading my mid, a really strong rubaiyat – one filled with whimsy and your meter and rhyme are excellent! i love your choice of capitalisation and selection of tea, one hot pot for you and me, and that we escape the gloom, no i don’t want this day to end too soon. one day my friend we will have such an adventure, maybe not in a balloon but our hearts will soar together, i really loved this, you are such an amazing poet and human

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  4. Amazing poetry form Irma. This dream library space filled me with joy, imagining the warmth of being in this contentment. Thank you to Gina too, for being a true inspiration to writing. I did a search(google) for Rubaiyat. Something new to me, it is a constant learning for me to be in touch with you and other poets here on WP.🙏

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  5. “And only bringing their most precious things

    The Books filled with Words that made their heart sing”

    Beautiful, it is the simple things that matter, isn’t it?
    Great response to the prompt too.

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  6. Hi idorun! I love this piece. It is so magical, and speaks to freedom and lightness, the ability to fly, to lift off to your dreams. How lovely this buoyant escape to adventure.! And that picture from Helene’s site is spectacular.

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    • Hello, Rob! Thank you so much! Hélène’s picture is very dreamy and magical – it is a place I would love to lift off and visit. I’m so glad it resonated with you! – Irma


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