Vanishing Solution – A Rubaiyat

To vanquish all the demons of senseless aggression

The women left, with children on hips, for vacation

Without the men and older ones, corrupted too soon

In the middle of the night, they left without resignation.

It started with whispers under the heartbroken moon

Mothers left behind who wanted to hear a new tune

The song of “I’m sorry” for rape, murder, starvation

Made for a hollow dirge in the empty baby room.

Without any recourse than to cry and wail with rage

The women made a plan to change the history page

Eve’s disobedience might be original sin

But Cain killing Able spotlight the violent stage

Without testosterone, how/where would the anger begin?

It became clear that peace could never start from within

Add in voices loud with societal machismo

Can’t unlearn this behavior yet men had no chagrin

It took years to create the perfect utopia

Women agreed there was only one panacea

As much as it hurt to acknowledge the truth of it

Leave them behind, the only viable idea.

After kisses and climaxes for the lucky ones,

And tender tough love goodbyes for those who had older sons

The women vanishing in one night of defiance

Bringing babies, clothes, food, seeds, tools to create, no guns

When the world awoke, there was silence then confusion

There was crying and wailing and raging delusion

The accusations turned deadly with no end in sight

The world was burning, cleansing all those in collusion

And the women waited, teaching their children new ways

With emotional regulation, without fake praise

Listening, reflection, the basis for discussion

Decisions consensus, not perfect, a better phase.

Is separation the best course of action for now?

Or work hard together and put our backs to the plough?

I don’t know the answer or the moral of this tale

To change our world, what are we willing to disavow?

This is my first attempt at a rubaiyat – inspired by Frank Hubeny at dVerse call to action. Feedback is welcome and most appreciated!

The theme is in response to Patrick’s Pic and a Word Challenge #172 – Vanishing as well as Jamie Dedes’ Wednesday Writing Prompt. Jamie’s prompt this week deserved a lot of thought – it was hard (for me at least) to imagine what a world would be like without murder, torture, starvation. In writing this poem, I am NOT saying that all the bad in the world are due to men but statistically, most of the violence in the world are perpetuated by those with a Y chromosome.

I don’t think separation is the answer. As the saying goes, if you’re not part of the solution…however, sometimes I do just want to take a vacation from all the strife I hear about in the world. Yet, where would we go?

©️ iido 2019

25 thoughts on “Vanishing Solution – A Rubaiyat

  1. a PSA! applause and more applause! tackling a sensitive subject with poetic finesse, the issues are given credit and power. your meter is neat and quick. i would probably read this again just to enjoy the phrases i love – “when the world awoke, demons of senseless aggression…and oh a few more. to enjoy the richness of your words. i know how much effort it goes into writing the rubaiyat and also the backstory – you outdo yourself here my friend. truly one of your deeper meaningful pieces. i just cant get over the phrases, i want to tuck them into a secret corner of my heart now!

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  2. Well done. This was a difficult prompt. By separation, I was referring to the separation of families as a weapon of war. I appreciate this especially: I just read a survey that women want peace and men want justice. Interesting. Hardwiring v. Tradition. :-). Stellar work as always. Considerable thought evident.

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    • Thank you, Jamie! Family separation as a weapon of war has been used so many times in the USA from the First People’s children being taken from their families and sent to schools to lose their heritage to the practice of separating African slave families and more recently to separating asylum seeking families at the Mexican border. With this writing, In this poem, I was thinking of using separation like one would separate a cancerous cell from its host. But after mulling it over some more, even these types of separations can be hurtful for the host. ☹️

      It’s interesting about women wanting peace and men wanting justice. The image of justice with a blindfold always makes me think of the rigidity and black/white thinking that accompanies the quest for justice. Peace (for me) includes compromise, flexibility, able to see the grey and all sides of the situation. I don’t know if that is genetic or how we are socialized?

      This prompt definitely brought about more questions to ponder!

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  4. Wow – this is heavy! It feels like a rap the way that you’ve structured the rhymes and found such a steady flow. At least, that’s how I heard it in my head – it could be a lost 2Pac track. You always find a new way to surprise me! 🙂

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