Why Run? – A Sonnet and Running Update

If ever there was a reason to run

Just pick one, or more, that gets you to start

Run from the weather – snow, rain or the sun

Run from the pain of a broken up heart

Take one step, then two, and three leads to four

Fast steps or slow steps, or even combine

Just moving forward can settle the score

The gift of running can lead you to shine

Not just with sweat but with thoughts that bring peace

The clarity comes with each passing mile

Arms pumping like flying that brings release

When you’re done hyperventilating – smile

Running from means you’re also running to

Does the Why matter? Just Run. Run for you.

This sonnet was my attempt to join in the fun with Björn at dVerse. I am a tad late with this entry and Mr Linky is closed but if you happen upon this post, and have some thoughts, I would love the feedback! I always feel like my sonnets are too “campy, nursery rhyme-ish”. Maybe it’s the meter or the rhyme, but I feel like I can’t write a grown up sonnet. I bet Shakespeare never felt that way…

Usually sonnets are written about love so this one is about something that I love – running. As with any love story, the longer the relationship, the more ebb and flow in feelings, but for the most part, running has remained a constant in my life where the highs outweigh the lows.

Today, February 1, 2019 starts the Taji100 challenge where I will attempt to run/walk/crawl 100 miles in 28 days. Doing that math, that means about 25 miles a week or about 3.6 miles a day. Being that today brought snow and icy conditions that prevented me from running (and alas, no treadmill at home), I am already behind. I have plans tomorrow to make up some miles though!

I think that is one of the greatest gifts of running – perseverance. Another mile, another two minutes, another 10 steps, run until the next light post. Little victories, little defeats, but in the end…that sense of accomplishment…smile….

22 thoughts on “Why Run? – A Sonnet and Running Update

  1. I loved this poem, it captured exactly how I feel (felt) about running – such freedom, such reward, such clear headedness. Sadly, I cannot run anymore, but this poem made me feel a bit like I was able to revisit the feelings that I had when I did. So, thank you!! So well written too. Good luck for your challenge, what an amazing goal!

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  2. a sonnet about something you love and i agree it is something to love and be proud of, not your conventional sonnet but one that is pulsing with life, modern sonnets can be like this, a new wave. i think it will encourage others to start running too. all the best for reaching your goal! i will start again in March after the Lunar New Year.

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  3. OMG I forgot you were doing the Taji100!! How bad of a friend am I? Let me know when you want to run. I’ll put in some miles with you!

    Can’t give any pointers on witting English was not my strong point in high school. But I do like reading your poems. Even if they are campy and nursery rhymey.

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