Change Scale – A Quadrille and Running Update

I stare at you

And wiggle my toes

Willing you to change

With my mind

While my body remains

On the Couch

Softly spreading

Creaking with complaints

I finally get up to walk

To the fridge

for a cold beverage.

Change is thirsty work.

De Jackson hosts the 2019’s first Quadrille Monday at dVerse (#71) with the theme: Change. Another apropos theme for the start of the year. Thank you De Jackson!

As with a lot of people, I posted last week my health goals for the year. So despite the 30 degree weather, I went for a short run by myself while my kids were at their horse riding lessons. It was so cold that my breath never warmed up enough for me to see it, but I did feel pretty bada$$ running in the cold. Like I was a real runner and nothing was going to stop me from a run.

Of course, I am a “real runner” but my recent spate of not prioritizing running has made me feel somewhat of an imposter. I mean, isn’t family supposed to come before running? And what about my passion of writing? What I’m really striving for is balance! Not the sometimes elusive scale balance (holding an ice cream cone in each hand does not a balanced scale make!) but the even more rare, life balance. Where, oh where, is that life balance? Maybe it’s hiding under the running shoes….

©️ iido 2019

16 thoughts on “Change Scale – A Quadrille and Running Update

  1. Ah, you can only do so much, when you are tired it is important to listen to that, running is a joy for you, kids are too, as well as other family members, pet, a house etc. You are one person, keep something for yourself too to balance your goals. Enjoy is the name of the game.

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  2. I can totally relate to you here…as moms…we can only do so much…i actually have to take a break from writing for almost a month because the holiday break was taking so much of my “mommy powers”…

    On the contrary i ADMIRE you for pushing through with your passion to run…i have been wanting to do that but i always end up in the treadmill and around the neighborhood…one day i will run a marathon…lol

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