Down Deep – An Earth Flow Poem

The deep swallows me whole

Always so hungry

Always so empty

Fathoms inside me

This poem is for Rylan Shelly’s First Ever Doing Being Writing Prompt (photo courtesy of Rylan). He posted it last Friday – of course, I’m late – but I’m sure you can still join in the fun if the photo calls you!

Rylan introduced three new poetry forms (at least new to me). He writes: For the poets in the room, you may take on additional challenges if you so wish:

  1. Earth Cadence – Use the rhyme scheme ABBB for your verse(s).
  2. Earth Rhythm – Use a syllable pattern of 555 for your verse(s).
  3. Earth Flow – Use a rhyme scheme of ABBB with a syllable pattern of 6555 for your verse(s).

I am always up for a challenge and the deep thoughts this photo inspired, fit with the Earth Flow form. Quite a neat little form, actually!

©️ iido 2019

18 thoughts on “Down Deep – An Earth Flow Poem

  1. perfectly executed, the repetition adds depth, and this is quite a lovely form, brevity always captures my poet’s heart – when so much can be said in so few words. as you can see i am catching up with all i have missed since my travels! am so enjoying reading your words Irma dear!

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    • Thank you for all your lovely comments! We’ve been snowed in so I’m trying to catch time here and there to read and reconnect as well while trying to enjoy the snow days kids all being at home. Rylan is creating some fascinating poetry forms!

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      • oh so lovely to be snowed in! and do some fun stuff with the kids, build a castle of blankets and fairy lights, drink hot cocoa and watch movies…i envy your cold now!! yes a good time to catch up on writing too! i am sending you lots of good vibes

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