January – A Haibun

January sighs with dreary days covered with wet grey skies. It’s an in between time – the rush of people, things and holiday tradition has passed but the sweet smell and green tints of spring are still a long way away. January helps us practice the hopeful anticipation that seeds have mastered.

January whispers so you can for hide and sleep without guilt, hibernating like wise bears not scampering about like silly squirrels. The search should be for food for your mind and soul, and can be found through sleepy reflections and cozy inquiries.

January skies

Waiting to uncover spring

Reflect sleepy thoughts

This Haibun was written for dVerse 1st Haibun Monday of 2019 – theme: January.

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday but I’ve realized I am not fast poetry thinker or writer. It takes me a while to formulate my thoughts and craft my words. But once that’s done, the poem springs from my head triumphantly like Athena from Zeus’.

January always seems like a hard month. There is the let down (whether is release or relief) from the holiday hype of December and New Year’s Day but it’s still too far away from March and the warm of spring. It also doesn’t have a claim to fame like February which is a short month full of hearts and candy love. Hopefully, reading all these haibuns about January will give new perspective on this month.

©️ iido 2019

19 thoughts on “January – A Haibun

  1. January never really bothered me, February on the other hand… Though it is a short month it always seems to drag for me. Maybe because it follows January and by February I am getting cabin fever. Who knows.

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  2. lovely deep sentiments, January here is the heat of summer so very different … but I think it’s hard for many …. the Christmas rush and hard new year partying make it a month to reflect and recover for the coming year.


  3. I like the idea of January being time to search for food your mind and soul. Although it’s not cold over here in Australia it is our main holiday season so it’s a good time to rest, take it easy and search for that food you mention.

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  4. That’s a lovely touch of internal rhyme in the opening sentence, Irma, and I like the phrase ‘in between time’. We do seem to be sandwiched between Christmas and the first signs of spring. I love the idea that ‘January helps us practice the hopeful anticipation that seeds have mastered’.

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  6. Though it is the first month of the year, January does not get the respect it should get and becomes more of a transition month, to gather our thoughts and ourselves. Love the thought of not being like ‘silly scampering squirrels’ and the alliteration therein. 😊

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  7. what a beautiful haibun! you outdo yourself each time i visit your words. so so love how you have crafted this, there is a deep comfort emanating from your writing like you have found that place to rest and be forgiving of yourself and it spills over generously in your words to bless all of us who read. magnificent!


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