Accountability – A Running Update and Haiku

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post devoted solely to my running life. This year, I have some “lofty” goals for running. I pretty much took it easy last year – I only ran two races: The Love Run Half Marathon and the Hershey Half Marathon.

Despite the fabulous picture above, the Love Run was not a good run. It was my first race coming back from a serious health issue (it’s a woman thing, don’t ask unless you REALLY want the details) and I was not mentally prepared. Thank goodness for a wonderful running friend (shout out to Janelle!) who stayed by my side and helped me push through to the end. I seriously wouldn’t be running now without my running tribe at Moms Run this Town.

I LOVE these inspirational mother runners!

The Hershey Half Marathon was much better! I had a steady training partner (you know who you are…Michele, it’s you!) and we kept to our training plan pretty well. Race day was cold and windy but running with Michele and Heather was fantastic! You can read my race review here.

This year, I’m trying some new ways to meet my health goals. I am posting this for accountability.

Goal 1: Consistently meet my daily move goal on my Apple Watch. Right now, now it’s only set for 350 active calories daily and there are still some days when I don’t meet that goal! Unless I can learn how to type and walk, I’m really going to have to make the time to move during the day.

To help with this, my MRTT chapter is doing a “Step into the New Year” Challenge. We’re counting steps and seeing which team can get the most! Admittedly, I have napped the past two days so my step count is low but starting tomorrow….

Goal 2: Complete the Taji100 in February. My friend, Katie from Cali, has completed this challenge the past few years. I haven’t been able to do the miles because of one thing or another. But this is the 10th anniversary of this virtual challenge and the cause is so worthy that I am determined to get all those miles.

Goal 3: Complete an international race. Well, as international as Canada can be to the US. I’ve decided to sign up for the Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon in June.

Goal 3.5: Sign up for at least 2 races this year. Any suggestions for another race?

Goal 4: Incorporate weights and yoga into my workout routine. For the past several years, I’ve focused so much on running and not so much on cross training. Now that I am “middle aged”, I definitely see and feel the muscle loss and flexibility loss as I start down the “other side of the hill”.

To help with this, my lovely hubby gave me personal training sessions for Christmas. My first one is next week so hopefully that will jumpstart this goal.

So, that’s it! If you’ve read this, I’m hoping you will call me out and ask “Have you moved anything else besides your typing thumbs today?” I can’t have my thumbs be the only part of my body that is beach ready!

Finally, a haiku for this post:

Because I tell you

Accountability is

How you can help me

©️ iido 2019

18 thoughts on “Accountability – A Running Update and Haiku

  1. Wow, wow 😮 you are beautifully inspiring. That’s a whole lot of goals you planned for this year. it’s wonderful to be young and have this kind of energy. Your family must be really proud of you. 🙂

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  2. love how you set the goals and ways to achieve it that is very motivating to me. and i want to join you on that Niagara race!! dang…not the right timing…maybe one day huh?! i am doing 2 races and a mountain climb this year, I am in pretty good shape though my old neck injury has flared up and have to take it slow. How many steps are you targeting? I have an app that tracks my steps and aim to do at least 15,000 each day. I love your Mom’s team tell them they rock! and such an amazing support to you, you are clearly loved and treasured! Maybe you can read your thoughts and not type then later transcribe them? that should get those steps in. I think you are doing marvelously with your goals and your energy alone will carry you through.


    • What 2 races are you doing? And a mountain climb! Impressive! Alas – when I run and come up with a good poem, I have to stop and write it down right away otherwise it escapes and I can’t get it back. I’ve cut many a run short to go home or get to my car to write it down. I’ve never thought of saying my thoughts out loud then transcribing them – that sounds like a whole different process!

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