Sensual Aftermath – A Renga

A Writers Anonymous Collaboration

Wherever I go

Old melody of our hearts

Murmurs autumn hymn

The songs we heard and we sang

Break my heart and cause a pang

Once soft, sweet whispers

Like spring, holding me in thrall

Now silent, your voice

Our song is played everywhere

My heart is sore with despair.

We stayed up all night

Talking like we loved to do

Then knowing crept in

Things would never be the same

I miss our forgotten flame

View of broad shoulders

Really gets my heart pumping

But you are long gone

Your absence brings so much pain

I long to spot you again

Rough stubble chin rubbed

My butter soft skin, blushed

A forgotten summer

Saturated throbbing aches,

Now my untouched body shakes

Laundered love flying

Our gathered smells, on the line

Blow the funk away

Forgotten shirt, traitor nose

Exhale! Let it decompose!

Coffee, steaming black

Inhaled with cold winter pine

My nose sought your neck

Now those pungent smells disgust

A sniff relieves me of lust

Loving you was sweet,

Mouth-watering, savory

Your kisses to me

How long it’s been, me waiting

To say it, so long Darling

After the success of our original post, our Writers Anonymous Collaborative (WAC) doubled with the addition of Jenna (TheSunshineArtist), Mich (michnavs) and Kate (calmkate). At this grand meeting we decided to write a renga, a linked poem created by different writers taking turns writing a haiku followed by a couplet.

Our collaboration was inspired by a poem written by Punam about how songs can trigger memories after a breakup. In the comments we discussed how smells and places can also bring back those painful (and sometimes painfully delicious) memories. And thus the idea to use the five senses to write about experiences after a breakup was born! Since there were six of us, Gina, suggested including the 6th sense, intuition. Fortuitous fabulousness ensued! Ah – serendipity!

The enthusiasm of this lively group of writers is infectious! In one day, we had the first draft completed. The final draft would have been approved sooner if we hadn’t been sidetracked by all the fun. To complete this endeavor, Jenna created a unique image that visually captures our story.

Out of our need to write, this collaboration was a hands up, eyes wide open, stomach dropping, feet bracing roller coaster ride of exceptional, empathic wordsmithing. I loved every minute of it and screamed my head of quite a few times as these lovely lyrics came together. I am so sad this ride has ended but can’t wait for the next meeting of Writers Anonymous.

Moonlight Sonata: Quasi Una Fantasia – A Poem

(For your ears: Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven)

Sitting at the instrument

Of lament and longing

Listening to the moonlight

Touch my eyelids

Willing for this to be fantasy

For you to hear the harmony

Of safety and love

Bookmarking this time and place

So our stardust can, one night, embrace again

This poem is a companion to the Quadrille written for Hélène Vaillant’s and Jamie Dedes’ prompts for this past week. It’s a beautiful gift when inspiration strikes twice.

This secondary title of this poem, Quasi Una Fantasia, means “almost a fantasy” and comes from this essay on Beethoven’s famous Moonlight Sonata. I do not listen to a lot of classical music, however this piece I am familiar with since I shed many tears listening to the First Movement after my twins died. That phrase, “almost a fantasy” describes the surreal feelings and thoughts I experienced after I got home from the hospital without my babies in my arms. It also describes the “what if’s”, “if only’s”, and “I should have’s” of the grief experience, as well as the hope that eventually leads to healing.

©️ iido 2018

Twilight Sonata – A Quadrille

(For your ears: Twilight sonata by Beethoven)

In the brief twilight of your life

The melody of anger and disbelief

Left my fingers

Caressed your small form

Saturated the ground

Flowed like sorrow

Off the expectant page

This Quadrille is in response to Hélène gorgeous “What do you see?” picture prompt. There are so many lovely details here! Gina’s response to this same prompt, The Music Tree (an absolutely heart wrenching poem), drew my attention to the little figure by the tree. Coupled with Jamie’s Wednesday Writing Prompt, to “write about a child in my life”, and this poem and the next one were born!

I have mentioned in the past about losing my twins, Larissa and Lucas, who were born at too early at 23 weeks. This Quadrille and the next poem are dedicated to them. They are still and will always be children in my life – their song lives in my heart forever.

©️ iido 2018

Handmade – A Haiku

Woven with new thread

Your handmade designer life

Preciously all yours

This haiku is in response to Patrick’s Pic and a Word Weekly Challenge #163 – Handmade. It is dedicated to my lovely niece who is expecting her first child any day now. The blanket is one I made for her new baby and the baby dolls belong to my daughter who wanted to make sure the people knew it was a baby blanket.

©️ iido 2018