Jack and Rose in the Snow – A Triolet

On our snowy first date

We had our first fight

Your snowball making skills made me deliberate

On our snowy first date

Your phone booth kissing skills made me abdicate

Our Titanic re-enactment increased the Fahrenheit

On our snowy first date

We had our first fight

This triolet is in response to Hélène’s “What do you see?” Weekly Photo Prompt Challenge. If you squint really hard, you can make out figures in the phone booth (or that might just be my imagination!). I don’t know if any phone booths like this exist anymore – I do remember seeing them when I lived in England as a child. And then in NYC – although those weren’t red – I remember trying to fit as many friends as we could into a phone booth and still get the door closed! The things today’s youth will never know the pleasure of!

The triolet form I found by chance perusing other blogs and stumbling across an old dVerse Poetics post about repeating poetry forms. I like the challenge of following a form although I feel I could have challenged myself more by using different rhymes (I took the easy route with the ones I chose) and paying more attention to the meter. Oh well, I’m sure there will be another triolet in the future!

19 thoughts on “Jack and Rose in the Snow – A Triolet

  1. Lovers in the snow and kissing in a phone booth, l lovely passionate poem. These old phone booths were a fun time. There are shadows in there for sure, I wonder if they are the ghosts of the phone booth….🤣😀👻

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    • Thank you! Having repetition is not as easy as it seems since it forces the focus on the other lines. When I first saw titanic (as an impressionable romantic), I really loved that scene from Titanic.

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      • it remains one of the most unforgettable movies and i love anything related to it, the history, the drama, the tragedy that is still an enigma. you did well my friend, keep on practising the forms!

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