Snowfall – Two Haikus

Flat boring paper

The snowfall of my mind smiles


Prompts in the forecast

The snowfall of minds gather

Blizzard of poems

Tuesday was a busy day! At the Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt, Devereaux and Beth requested poems that used the phrase “snowfall of my mind”. While I did change it a bit for the second poem, I hope my offerings are accepted for this week.

Over at dVerse – Poetics, Gina reminded us about the magic in ordinary things. I chose paper and prompts as my ordinary things. As a poet, I use paper and write about prompts weekly. One day of contemplating these ordinary things lead to these appreciative haikus.

In this busy season, I hope you all can take some time to appreciate the ordinary – isn’t this what the season is all about anyway?

13 thoughts on “Snowfall – Two Haikus

  1. you are so marvelous to see the possibility on a blank piece of paper and create your magic. a very cerebral haiku if there is such a term, it urges the reader to explore the recesses of the mind, a double dose of magic Irma – so loved this!!! you know what’s magical here? your thinking and your attitude, I am so proud to know you and call you friend.

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