No Need to Wait – A Haibun

Raindrops on my window pane remember another time, another storm, another breath of waiting. It was still new and exciting back then. Now, it’s just worrisome as time goes faster and faster.

Waiting for that look

When you turn your head and wave

Not today – you’ve grown

Imelda at dVerse hosted Haibun Monday with the theme: Waiting. As a mom, I spend a lot of time waiting for my kids – to get ready in the morning, to get them from school, to do their chores; also waiting while they are at their numerous after school activities. I usually try to catch up on correspondence during those few minutes or use that time to type out thoughts for a poem. Sometimes, I just sit and listen to music or to the silence before the kids fill the space.

The picture above is of my older daughter doing a ropes course. See her, on the right, in the trees? Such a brave girl! I realize as they get older, they won’t need me to wait for them anymore. They might go with their friends or (gasp!) be able to drive themselves to/from school, activities. The nine months of waiting for them seemed to last forever and now the time is going too fast! Soon, I will no longer need to wait.

©️ iido 2018

17 thoughts on “No Need to Wait – A Haibun

  1. you described your present position in mothering so beautifully, and soon there will be different types of waiting as they get older, I do sense you are really in the present with them even as you wait. well written

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  2. Childhood is so short!

    It’s funny that you wrote about this. Last night I was waiting for my son to unload the dishwasher. And of course he took his good old time doing it.

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  3. I can totally relate to you…and i tell you i cried the first time my eldest daughter said ” mom can i drive now, so that you won’t have to drive me to school anymore…and consequently i can drive my little sisters to the nearest cafe especially when you are tire.”…ohhhhh

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  4. Reminded me of the time when my son started school. My husband and I were teary-eyed and he had such a puzzled expression. Now at eleven he walks back from school on his own. I don’t have to wait for him at the school gate and I so miss it.
    This is so touching, my dear.

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