To the Moon and Back – A Quintilla and Quintain

A Quintilla

To the moon and back, I promised

No matter if I’m demolished

My child, I will search high and low

I’ll follow wherever you go

No fear – for you, I can do this

A Quintain

I promised to the moon and back

My love brings me to this journey

I won’t come back ’til what I lack

Returns with me in a hurry

Dear child, there’s no need to worry

Hélène provides another beautiful picture prompt for “What do you see? Weekly Challenge”. The image reminded me of the children’s book, “Guess How Much I Love You” which had the phrase “to the moon and back” and these poems were birthed!

I also tried to incorporate the writing challenge from Grace at D’Verse Poets to try writing an English Quintain or a Spanish Quintilla (too late to add it to Mr. Linky). These two forms are similar – poems with five (5) lines each – however the Quintilla keeps an eight (8) syllable count per line while the Quintain has no such constraints. Also, the Quintain follows the rhyming form ABABB while the Quintilla can follow AABBA or ABBAA or ABAAB or ABABA.

I am not sure these are my best work as they sound quite limerick-ish and that wasn’t my intent, but I had to write something! At least I didn’t start it with “There once was a mom from South Philly…”

©️ iido 2018

16 thoughts on “To the Moon and Back – A Quintilla and Quintain

  1. Beautifully done. I love the message in your poem, ardent love of a mother for her child, as well as how you used the words “to the moon and back”. Splendid write. Thank you.

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  2. both are poems of reassurance. there is a sense of urgency on your words. like time is running out but you promise to be steadfast for this person you are advising. well done on all prompts!

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