Loving Surrender – A Haiku

Loving surrender

Means breaking the seed to grow

Life in all its forms.

The lovely picture above is from Hélène’s Picture Prompt, What Do You See? I love the saturated colors of this image which brings up thoughts of spring and the blossoming of Mother Earth.

As a mother, I am often reminded of how much motherhood demands of us in order to bring life and raise life in this world. I have often struggled with giving in to these demands – the fear of losing oneself is a real one. The term “loving surrender” is one I coined to help me “give in” to the demands of motherhood and family. It is a wonder how many things one can accomplish and endure if done with love!

©️ iido 2018

16 thoughts on “Loving Surrender – A Haiku

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  2. There are some seeds that do need help, must be scored or split in order to germinate.
    Children need love and gentle pushes too 😉

    My ’empty nest’ now has visits from grands…
    I think for awhile we do lose ourselves – and only those who have cared like a mother or are mothers… can know that feeling. I think though that some fathers these days might be able to relate 🙂
    It is my belief that getting lost in a different profession can not compare.

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  3. Very true, I remember growing up and watching my mom do so much for us in the name of love…and still does. Read and a love for books was something she instilled in all of us kids from a young age. She’d read to us after a long day of working, being a mom, a wife, and all the many other hats that life tends to throw at us…she’d fall asleep while reading and I’d tuck her in and finish reading to my younger siblings and make sure they were off to sleep and wanting to wake her. I saw from a young age how hard she worked at all she did and I appreciated everything she did and all the sacrifices she made. I watched her explnew interests and avenues trying to find her calling…even after we were all adults over the past few years. I know that it’s hard not to lose yourself in all the roles one plays throughout our lives, but I agree when done with love the outcome and our perspective den changes. 😊

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