Estuary Reflections – A Haibun

Morning brought bright blue skies mirroring estuary waters. The brackish mingling of salt and freshwater flavored the air. On one side, sand and rocks provide an anchor for tall grasses and brave trees. On the other, a cloud white sailboat glided smoothly over the waves, contrasting the rugged terrain. In the middle, seagulls and turkey vultures discussed the day’s menu.

Estuary brings

A mix of contradictions

Reflecting my life

I chaperoned my daughter’s overnight trip to a science adventure camp with her school this week. It was a beautiful setting on the Chesapeake Bay to learn about ecology and foster character building. The terrain was rough and rugged along the shoreline, my inspiration for Pic and a Word #159. While I didn’t capture images along the shoreline, these images from one of the overlook points were still quite picturesque!

This is post is also my first Haibun! There was a prompt on Monday from dVerse Poets that I wasn’t able to do but I wanted to try this poetry form. A haibun is simply a short work of objective prose followed by a haiku and was popularized by the 17th century Japanese poet, Matsuo Bashō. I quite like the “commentary” of the prose and the haiku is like the punctuation to drive the sentiment home. What do you think of this first try?

©️ iido 2018

9 thoughts on “Estuary Reflections – A Haibun

  1. I love your Haibun. I enjoyed reading this: “seagulls and turkey vultures discussed the day’s menu.” it made it complete for me. Great haiku, packed with meaning in three short lines.

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  2. this was a very strong and solid first try dear! i absolutely loved your haibun and your haiku connects the haibun so very well. I love this form of writing and have been doing it for over a year, it is like a journal entry as it needs to be non-fictional, minimal descriptive words as the flow of words will create the image, you did that very well as you related it back to a point in your life, the whole purpose of writing the haibun and haiku! this one described contradictions perfectly. the image of a meeting point of two bodies of water is now vividly etched in my mind. well done again!

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