Why Fear A Woman – a Reverse Nonet

Oh, now, don’t be scared by what you see.

My thick dark hair, my slender neck,

My ample bosom and hips.

Do I intimidate?

I like animals.

I can cook, too.

Like me now?

But, wait,



Than my

Body or

Niceness or skills.

I read, think and feel.

I make wishes come true.

Mine – and if I want – yours, too.

So, come in, talk, love – if you dare.

You should be scared by what you don’t see.

This photo from Hélène Vaillant’s “What do you see?” prompt intrigued me. While it could easily be related to the current Halloween season, it also made me wonder why images of beautiful women behind a pot, in the dark woods, with books, a treasure chest, and/or a pet bird, conjured such scary, spooky thoughts.

Why are women depicted alongside symbols or images of power, often vilified?

And why do we women accept those labels of witch (if we’re old or not that pretty) or bitch (if we’re young or pretty)?

A strong, intelligent, brave, beautiful and/or powerful woman should be cherished, not feared!


Did you read the title as:

~ A Question – Why fear a woman?

~ A Challenge – Why? Fear a woman?

~ Or with a sense of Incredulousness – Why, fear? A woman?

~ Or maybe even as a statement, possibly the title of an essay or the beginning of a list – Why fear a woman:


©️ iido 2018

18 thoughts on “Why Fear A Woman – a Reverse Nonet

  1. A perfect poem. I love the questions. Being a woman I will answer…it is for the power we hold, misunderstood power. We are wise and talented in a way that can only be appreciated by other women. We seem odd only for the misunderstanding of who we really are, then it is given labels that influence thinking attitudes or others that have wavering minds. They get caught other mindsets. Thank you for participating in the chalenge

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  2. Hi dear, I enjoyed your poem and thought your questions were well put. I agree with everything that Hélène said and would add that in my experience, misperceptions regarding women are propagated by societal cultural norms that are shallow. For instance, men within pagan circles are more open to a woman’s sacred power and mystery. Whereas common men and not to speak in general terms are more power centric and fear a woman’s power and mystery. We do have to be careful of generalizations and respectful to what culture we may be speaking of because many cultures around the world value a woman’s gifts while there are many that do not. And I could write a dissertation on the subject but to narrow it down, back to Hélène’s comments, women are capable of powers that go beyond the mundane. We are spiritual and nuturing and we have a mystery to us that is diffiicult to pinpoint and can be threatening to those who do not know.

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  3. A wonderfully thought provoking poem, and I’m not sure how to answer your questions, I can only talk from my personal experience of the woman in my life. For me I don’t think I hold any fears, it’s more like that I’m in awe of them…. my mother was a tower of strength (all 4′ 9′ of her) and a most compassionate and caring mum. And as for Carole, she was simply the goddess of strength, and compassion, and to this day I’m still awestruck at how she coped and handled life with that everlasting smile of hers.
    As by perchance, I meet a nurse(Denise) yesterday, we hadn’t seen each other for 30 years !! She used to look after Carole at the Day Care Centre all those years ago, and she remembered me and Carole so well. We ended up having a drink together, and chatting for 2 hours, mainly about Carole, my girl, had left a big everlasting impression on her soul. It was truly a wonderful catch-up, and I’ve a feeling we’ll meet up again. ….

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  4. love the poem so very much, it flows and twists and then flows back again bringing the reader to a conclusion, poetry that has depth and a message weaved so delicately yet unmistakable. the title i read as a questions, why fear a woman? she is an enigma unto herself , she is power, she is a force and she unsettles you. all this i get from your poetry, you have defined a woman with such amazing beauty. i like this woman you describe, she has a lot of sass too. and she can do anything she sets her mind to. i feel so privileged to be a woman after reading your poem!

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