Night’s Whispers – A Cascade Poem

My child cries “Mommy”

My lover sighs “Honey”

Night’s whispers change but the meaning is the same

For a drink or for potty

For snuggles or a story

My child cries “Mommy”

For a drink or movie

For snuggles or nookie

My lover sighs “Honey”

Darkness calls fear by different names

Speaks secrets and screams, depending on the game

Night’s whispers change but the meaning is the same

The Tuesday Writing Prompt at the Go Dog Go Cafe was to use the phrase “Night’s whispers” in a poem of any kind.

In my first drafts, I was using the phrase “night whispers”, but then I realized the prompt was for “night’s whispers”, that is “whispers belonging to the night”. A few tweaks and with the help of the cascade poem form, and this poem came to be.

This poem is probably the “time opposite” of my previous poem, “No Chocolate for Breakfast“. If you read both, you’ll get a sense of my life right now – day and night! If there was a prompt for “audience in the bathroom” or “all that schooling and all I do is taxi my kids around”, you’ll have the complete picture! Conversely, any prompts for “what’s something you do for yourself besides writing (or running)” or “what do you do when you have a free hour to yourself besides writing (or running)” would draw a blank!

©️ iido 2018

19 thoughts on “Night’s Whispers – A Cascade Poem

  1. lovely form, it flowed so really well, i took it as you first did and stuck with it, that night was a person speaking/whispering. it’s amazing how we can tweak and twist words and meanings. you respond to both calls in the middle of the night – both wanting more of you – and that feeling is so strong and clear in your poetry – “Speaks secrets and screams, depending on the game” – oh this one line was my fave one!

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  2. I could so relate to your insightful poem, and I’m going to quote the same line as Gina
    “Speaks secrets and screams, depending on the game”, Oh after 30 years of caring for my dear Carole, every night was a different game,….. never a dull moment….. I can’t remember when I slept…..

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