Campfire – A Poem

Dark night

No fright

Warming hands delight

Crackle snap

Snuggle lap

Conversation on tap

Scent of pine

Red gold shine

Crickets on a party line

Hazy smoke

Enfolding cloak

Scent of safety, summer bespoke

This poem was originally in response to Gina’s prompt at dVerse Tuesday Poetics last Tuesday. I had many ideas and smelly – I mean, aromatic – memories for this prompt, but this poem fits my mood right now. I might post the other poems at a later date. With the cooler weather, a campfire and cuddles seem to be in order!

©️ iido 2018

5 thoughts on “Campfire – A Poem

  1. lovely! i could inhale the woodsiness of your poetry – a perfect campfire setting. love the 3 line rhymes, my fave were crickets on a party line -they are such gossips aren’t they?! thank you for joining in! these are absolute comfort smells

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