This has been such a full week for me with a lot of additional activities besides our usual ones. Yet it is sometimes when I am busiest that my thoughts tend towards the opposite direction: loneliness, quietness, stillness. Hence, Patrick Jennings’ Pic and Word Challenge #153 – Emptiness, hits the spot again! While his lovely words look at outward, mine veered inward. Opposites….



My womb is empty

No more sparks of life

Like fireflies on a summer night

A fleeting hope twinkling into sad thought

My womb is empty

Candle wishes extinguished

The birthday banner ripped and askew

Only cone hats left to point fingers at who’s to blame

My womb is empty

An unwanted Frankenstein

Stitched and stapled, stretched and scarred

Lightning bolts of regret

My womb is empty

It can add no more

4 out of 6 is more than statistical chance

Minus its function – a fraction of its worth

My womb is empty

Of sad thoughts

Of blame

Of regret

Of function

Now what will I do with all that space?

©️ iido 2018

12 thoughts on “Empty

  1. your poem is one of deep sadness and longing, you are designed to nurture and love, I feel the weight of your emptiness. “fireflies on a summer night” – this describes the first flutters of that new life, the ones we mothers hold so dear to our hearts, the first feel of life in us. How blessed are we to be given custody of such an amazing gift. I hold you and your feelings close this morning. I light a candle and remember all we have lost and the children we will never bear. Know you are in my thoughts.

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