The BeZine, Sept. 2018, Vol. 5, Issue 3, Theme: Social Justice

Sharing this – not just because they published four poems that I wrote and submitted – but also because of their focus on Social Justice, which is a subject near and dear to my heart…

The BeZine

Sunspot—May Peace Prevail on Earth (3 languages)
Digital landscape from photos
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Social Justice

The Zeitgeist of Resistance—a Historical River Flowing

Justice is a historical river flowing to us, around us, and through us, toward freedom. The river’s current, like our current Zeitgeist, is one of resistance. In times of extreme injustice(s), people rise. This issue of The BeZine dedicated to Social Justice brings you some of the history and much of our Zeitgeist of resistance.

You will read about the current White House occupant, the state of race and gender relations, economic disparity, oppression, and more that disturbs us in our time. However, coming to The BeZine from unrelated directions—some invited, some offered, some come across by seeming chance—history has sent reminders to us that we are not alone. Others have lived in times of extreme injustice(s). And people rose up to defy and resist injustice…

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4 thoughts on “The BeZine, Sept. 2018, Vol. 5, Issue 3, Theme: Social Justice

  1. this is interesting, politics is not my thing but i will read for general knowledge. I too support social injustice and it should never be used as a tool to negotiate. Currently reading The Life of Bees and I am comparing it with To Kill A Mockingbird. I think it is an understated treasure about the injustice shown to race and social economic status.

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    • Politics is not my thing either. But I do believe in helping others less fortunate than I am and giving voice to those who might not have one – it’s more personal than political for me. It’s not just speaking out against racism, classism, sexism, fill in the blank-ism but also visiting the elderly in nursing homes, feeding the homeless at the soup kitchen, donating toys and toiletries for the women’s domestic violence shelter. I have not read The Life of Bees but will put it on my list!

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      • And I also believe in starting young, so many children’s homes that need help, I currently am part of a street feed project that also includes English classes for illiterate kids from the slums. we do what we can. It makes me so very proud to read of your own personal endevour and sacrifice. It is giving people back their dignity. Talking never did much use, we really action from the ground up. When I was in East Malaysia and we brought food etc over, toothpaste and tuna cans were the biggest hit!! Your soul is in in the right place.

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