Fighting Age

Brian at Vita Brevis has issued another haiku challenge competition which I couldn’t resist. Since my last few poems have been on the “heavier” side, this “lighter” haiku called to me. There is still time to enter your haiku – come join the fun!


“Fighting Age”

Combing through darkness

Five stand, admitting defeat

Plucked out – victory!

I’ve written a lot of poetry lately, but I’ve also done a fair share of running this past week. Thursday’s short 4 mile run was so hot that I couldn’t even even run the last two miles of it. My head was pounding and I was starting to feel dizzy. I felt defeated and annoyed at my inability to do these minimal miles.

Saturday, I ran 11 miles in cool weather with a slight drizzle and I felt great! I felt like I could have finished another 2 miles for an impromptu half marathon (I didn’t though, as coffee and a bagel was calling my name). I felt elated and victorious, ready to conquer the rest of the day.

Poetry and running keep my soul from getting old and stagnant. I never know what to expect but the range of feelings I experience before, during and after every run is similar to my writing experience. What a blessing to have both in my life and to also have a community of wonderful people to share it with!

©️ iido 2018

6 thoughts on “Fighting Age

  1. you bless us with your running thoughts and poetry, I never know what to expect when your posts pops up and I greedily go to read it. I run in the heat and it drains me but I can’t switch up the weather, and routines are so important to me, so I do understand the frustration with the heat that slows us down. I feel so good with myself too after a good run, like I can conquer the world but like you it also gives me clarity and focus. I loved the haiku and smiled at the “five you found!” – you are victorious in more ways than you know!! sharing is the true essence of community and happy you are so generous with us.

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    • I used to live somewhere that was much hotter but not as humid as my current location. It is hard to get used to the heat but, you’re right, we can’t change the weather so it was a lesson of acceptance and accommodation. But since leaving that environment, it seems my tolerance for heat has lessened. Bravo to you for keeping a running routine especially with the heat and the rain! I do feel very blessed to have found you and the other writers through the Go Dog Go Cafe. Connection is such an important human need (right up there with writing, running and coffee!).

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    • Hello Jamie! You are correct – I did give you the incorrect link. Thank you for finding the right one for the theme this week. Thank you also for your encouragement and validation! My heart is full! ❤️


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