My Greatest Fear

This post was inspired by the Go Dog Go Tuesday Writing prompt: write an acrostic poem that spells out your greatest fear. Wow. Good thing my greatest fear isn’t disclosing too much or being too vulnerable. Seriously.

I had to think about this a lot – what am I afraid of? Not any type of animal or insect (although I will scream if it means someone else will do the dirty deed of killing the latter). Not really any activity although I’m not thrilled about things that involve heights especially if I’m being dangled on said heights with just nylon between me and the swan dive of death. Thinking of death, I don’t feel afraid of dying either. It happens to us all. Dealing with loss – I’m surviving that.

I remember a moment after giving birth to my twins, Lucas and Larissa, when they were only 22 weeks old – just a week shy of the “age of viability”. The doctor told me, “They’re really small and at this stage of gestation, they only have a 50/50 chance to live. Do you still want us to do everything we can to save them?” My answer, of course, “Yes – anything, everything!” My children didn’t survive, but it was at that moment that I thought to myself, “If I had to die so my children would live, would I be willing to die for them?”


My Greatest Fear

Crying will not help

Only sacrifice

Will be enough

Am I enough?

Realizing that

Death is an option

I am afraid

Courage escapes me

Eternity will know I failed


What I really fear is being a coward – being afraid and not standing up or speaking out when I need to, especially when it comes to protecting my children or others who I care about. It’s being afraid to make the ultimate sacrifice if it comes down to me or family/friends.

I know people have given their lives to protect others – as part of their job or because they felt compelled to. I know people put their lives at risk to speak out for those who are unable to. I know people intervene when they see injustice or see others getting hurt.

I am afraid that when the time comes, I will not be one of those people. I will cower in my comfortable life and leave the heavy lifting for others to do. I am afraid deep down inside of showing the world how much of a coward I really am.

Although, when it’s written as an acrostic poem, it doesn’t seem so scary….

26 thoughts on “My Greatest Fear

  1. there is courage in writing this. I too find it hard to reveal the intricate truths, but I have failed my kids. and that isn’t a fear, it just destroys me everyday, but I try to overcome it for their sakes again. I see that spirit in you through your words, its so encouraging. nothing I say can diminish the loss of a child. I want to bless you with peace. thank you for writing this and sharing your heart with us.

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    • As a parent, that is all we can do for our children. To be brave and show them the best when we can and to also show them bravery in humbleness and admitting failures. That is also great gift to give! I am blessed with having found a community of people here (of which you are such an integral part) that helps me to be brave in my writing. ❤️❤️ My heart and soul are replenished!

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  2. Sorry about the babies, but I see that as a very courageous act – giving them one more chance, very likely at some risk to yourself. It is a noble thing choose to give the care and love necessary to help those children survive the first months of their lives. Generous and loving. I’m following. Glad to meet you on this venue.

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  3. We are all a bit concerned that we are strong enough. I think of courage as developing after the fact. During the event, we just do all we can to get through it. A kind of instinctual drive. It is later that we can process what happened. I read something this:
    We do the thing we are most scared of first, then we gather courage, or words to that effect, and then there is Mandela’s words: “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
    –Nelson Mandela

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