This poem was prompted by Jamie Dedes at The Poet by Day. Her directive: How gullible we humans can be. Tell us about that. In what ways are we “Chumped. Stumped. Petrified.”


I learned in the back seats of cars

The alcoves of bars

How to please

And how to tease.

I learned at the department store

How to dress to settle the score.

And underneath, my angel side

Learned how to cause a great divide.

A push, a pinch, a tug, a spin

Put pain to the side; upfront, just grin.

I learned my worth, a ratio

Of tits and ass and let it go.

And when you think the game is done,

You spy your girls and know they’ve won.

Those weren’t lessons, they were deceit.

I was fooled, their greatest feat.

Should I just acquiescent to my defeat?

Oh hell no.



©️iido 2018

5 thoughts on “Unlearning

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