Epically Challenged

My brain (and body) seems tired this week, yet, I am committed to writing (and running). This is a late entry to The Pic and a Word Challenge #149 – Epic. I kept on checking to see if Patrick had already posted the links and the new challenge – he hasn’t as of today. Patrick, this was a true challenge this week – I may have to revisit this prompt at a later date! For what its’s worth, here is my offering for this week: a limerick (inspired by Patrick’s whimsical poem “I Rhyme with Orange“).


An epic poem recounts the tale of a hero

Alas, my brain is coming up with zero

I’ve no stories to tell

Really? What the hell??!!

Maybe I just need some more vino

Facebook is making changes and I won’t be able to directly link up my blog posts to my personal page. If you’re my FB friend and want to keep reading what I write, please consider subscribing using your email or following on WordPress. Links are on the blog if you need!

4 thoughts on “Epically Challenged

  1. Hah! Wow. I totally forgot Pic and a Word this week! And, strangely, I even posted an entry on Sunday, without making it a challenge! lol

    OK. Comin’ up. =)

    And, yes, you’ll get a link.

    BTW: I adore whimsy. 😉


    • Selfishly, I am glad you forgot so my poor excuse for a poem could be included! I feel like I should put a disclaimer on it. One day, I will reach you caliber of writing! And you have quite a few of followers who are also very talented. I’m always humbled to be included.

      Liked by 1 person

      • <smile> I am humbled every week. Not just by the beautiful photography and wonderful writing you all offer, but the insight and wit and grace and love and vulnerability each of you share here. Humbled, and delighted.

        We all who share a little of ourselves with the world: there is a little heroism in every post. No matter how small it might seem from our own perspective, that is no small courage on display.

        So thank you, so very much, for sharing your beautiful, playful, whimsical side. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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