Focus (A Poem)

It’s easy to lose it

And end up wandering

Or wondering

The shoes of my mind


Like questions asked by a precious if not so precocious child

Why why why

Whispering like leaves caught underfoot

Who have no say

As to where they go

Running used to find it

Embody it

Relish in the discipline of it

Until the leaves got smashed

Surprisingly stuck to shoes

In my mind




So that when it’s found again

(And it will be)

It will be changed

The path is the same

The leaves underfoot

The shoes

Now tied tight

As my breath



Let go

And begin again.

Written in response to Pic and a Word Challenge #144.

©️iidorun 2018

4 thoughts on “Focus (A Poem)

  1. <smile> I love this.

    There’s a sense to it, at least to me, of: the path seems not always clear, but clarity is not necessarily the point of being on it, or even seeking it when it is obscured. The point is to move forward, and to find a way, or make one, when no path is apparent.


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