Group Run Love

I’ve written before about my wonderful running group, Moms RUN this Town – but I’m doing a special shout out to my local MRTT Chapter. These women get me out and push me to run stronger every time. And since most of them are moms – they don’t put up with complaining or whining or any other BS.

Case in point, yesterday I was supposed to go out for a run, however:

Excuse #1: forecast called for rain. The sky was cloudy and it had been raining on and off all morning. But my running buddy (RB), Michele, sent me texts showing where we were running was rain free for a couple of hours.

Excuse #2: my kids started to whine about the possibility of rain, that they were hungry, that they wanted to bring a different helmet, that they wanted their bike and not the scooter, that they were worried about slipping if the ground was wet…you get the picture, right? But my RB said to just come up, if it rains, we’ll have lunch instead!

Excuse #3: on the way to the run, I needed to stop for a kid potty break, which would make us 15 min late for our meet up. But my RB said, no worries, I’ll wait for you!

(Sigh) All my attempts for getting out of the run were thwarted!

And I am so glad!!

We had a great run with minimal whining (adults and kids) and no rain. We even did hill repeats to break up our usual routine.

If I was running by myself…well, let’s just say this post would NOT have been about running!

So here’s to all the beautiful women who make up MRTT! LOVE my BAMR RBs!!


6 thoughts on “Group Run Love

  1. Love reading about your running posse! I have found that running in a group makes me a better runner and friend. For some reason, my running friends and I share feelings while on a run that might not come out if we were just sitting, talking. They DO make you accountable, don’t they?


    • That is so true! I read that people who go through traumatic events together, create special friendships that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Not that running is traumatic, but it’s a similar experience of struggle and triumph (sometimes small, sometimes large) that, I think, create such strong bonds. Are you part of the LMRTT? You and I are in the same area.


      • I never thought of the bond between running friends in those terms before. It makes perfect sense!

        I am not a member of the LMRTT (is the L for Lititz or Lancaster?) My youngest child is 33!!! 🙂 I do belong to the LRRC (Lancaster Road Runners Club), though.


          • LRRC is a wonderful club. Members are so welcoming and friendly. Fun run every Tuesday night with free party/dinner afterward. Families welcome too, even if they are non-runners. Locations on our website! Please introduce yourself if you decide to come out!

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