Driving across the country and visiting national parks is fun

In theory

Running in every state we pass through is motivating

In theory

Being in the car for 8 hours a day with 4 children is doable 

In theory

Living for two weeks out of one suitcase for 6 people is expedient

In theory

Surviving this road trip without stress eating (me) and tantrums (everyone else)…..

Let the experiment begin!!!

Some pictures from Yosemite – I can’t believe we only came here now. Words can’t begin to describe how breathtaking the scenery is. What a wonderful way to start our trip and have this as one of our last memories of our time in CA. 

We also visited this oasis of caffeinated deliciousness – the only Dunkin’ Donuts in CA! 

7 thoughts on “Theories

  1. You are one brave soul mama! Hang in there! Just yell at them….”Hoy!!! Tumigil na kayo! Kukuritin kita kundi hindi ka tumahimik!” Just kidding!!! LOL… I’m sure you may heard that from your mom while you were growing up. ā¤ šŸ™‚


  2. What a beautiful start to your cross country trip! We haven’t gone there yet either. I’m looking forward to seeing where else you stop.


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